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Therapy For The Soul


Spiritual Direction


Jena Morrison


My sacred space in Falls Church, VA. 

I companion people in a confidential and non-judgmental setting.

I sit with people who are interested in working on their issues and struggles through a spiritual lens. 


Every person has a True Self, a divine indwelling, from which they can learn to connect and to live.

Non-duality in practice and faith.

4 truths at the core of every individual:


  • You are worthy of Love and Belonging

  • You are a Beloved Child of God

  • Your True Self is fundamentally Good, Kind, Loving, and Wise

  • You are needed in helping to Heal the World


Spiritual Direction is confidential, compassionate and skillful listening with the intention of seeing where God is working in your life, and of forming a safe and nurturing connection to your True Self and to others. 


Let me help you be in right relationships with yourself and others so you can love and touch people at deeper levels. 

Come sit with me in my sacred space. Tell me what is on your heart.

Being human is a struggle. Let me support and inspire you as you overcome your doubts and anxieties, and reach for your dreams, in spite of uncertainties.

Less suffering. More Joy.

Repent means turn around, change your mind, rethink how you are looking for happiness. You can rewire your brain. The kingdom of God really is inside of you. 


Through talk therapy, contemplative practices, and understanding your divine center, I can help you change old thought patterns and connect to that divine center that is at the heart of every one of us. 

From Science and Non-duality



The Journey Towards Your Sacred Center  Begins on the Path of Self Awareness.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Jena’s presence was immeasurable after the death of my fiancé. She always answered my calls, checked in on me, and never made me feel like my healing process was wrong or too slow. I always feel energized after talking to Jena because she gives a fresh perspective and makes me feel heard. Jena's personal spiritual belief system is the central theme of her practice, which makes her a wonderful spiritual director. Your life will be enriched and improved because of her.


Michelle V. Paul,

Los Angeles, CA

Everyone sometime or another needs a little help navigating an unexpected or difficult life circumstance.  For me, Jena has been just what I needed. Not only is she a good listener, but she knows just when and how to interject a different perspective or a helpful suggestion.  Her support and encouragement have made a difference in my life. Thank you Jena!

Alice Baker, MBA, MHA

Geometry/PreAlgebra Teacher

Jena, I am so grateful for our holy conversations! You know enough about me to not make the conversations too holy but just the appropriate amount. The things we speak about would not be understood by many. It truly is a gift, from you to me. God knew just what I needed, brought you into my life and made it happen. What a great journey. Thank you.

Kelly Mullen
Government Contractor, Yoga Teacher

Therapy For The Soul

What are you searching for? There is a longing in each of us to know that life has meaning. A longing to belong, to be accepted, to be loved, to be a part of something beyond ourselves.


This longing cannot be filled by what we do, by what others say about us, or by what we have.


Only union with God can truly satisfy us, can give us the security we all long for, the love we all crave.


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