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Meet Jena

Therapist and Spiritual Counselor 

I am based in the Washington, D.C., area with an office in Falls Church, VA. I meet in person and online via Zoom anywhere in the U.S. and around the world.

I adhere to the professional standards of  ethics regarding confidentiality, boundaries, and privacy. I am a wife, mother to adult children, and a grandmother!

Being companioned on your life journey offers the opportunity for on-going growth amid your busy and sometimes fraught life. In the context of an hour, you are invited to slow down and focus on only your issues, concerns and struggles with a professional trained to see you with new eyes. 


Let me help you develop the skills, knowledge, and actions for self-transformation. Learn how to create a better relationship with your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to live in the present, understand your true nature and let go of the hold your ego has on you.  

I help individuals communicate better, reduce  anxiety and stress, live in the present, improve relationships, empathize with others, and effectively overcome life's challenges by connecting them to their True Self.

Jena has worked with incarcerated individuals and those imprisoned in their own minds for 15 years.

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